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Changes to the Bennelong Foundation Granting Framework


The Bennelong Foundation is announcing changes to our Granting Framework as part of our strategic vision of enhancing community wellbeing and providing opportunities for positive and lasting change. This change will allow us to spend more time to holistically support the projects we fund beyond the grants that we give - opening up the wider philanthropy tool box: our resources, skills and networks. The new changes are set out below.


Annual Community Grants


To develop deeper relationships and better support our grant partners we will be reducing our Open Grant Round intakes from twice a year to once a year. This also provides us with an opportunity to spend more time investing in our larger strategic partnerships.


The Annual Community Grant is generally designed to be 12 months of support for the project.


Emphasis on grassroots organisations


The Bennelong Foundation will put greater emphasis on supporting grass root organisations in our Annual Community Grant Round.


Eligibility for Funding in the Bennelong Foundation’s Grassroots grant round:


  • Must be DRG1 registered.

  • Revenue below $5M

  • Must clearly demonstrate alignment with the Foundation’s current focus areas

  • If an application is from a university, the project must be aligned to a faculty and not related to core fundraising initiatives of the university. Partnerships with grassroots organisations will be looked favourably upon.




  • The project receives moderate to low levels of government funding.

  • Project demonstrates a strong community voice.

  • Project design is clearly influenced by the needs and wishes of the community it intends to support.

  • Organisation is led by people that are closely connected, have lived experience or direct experience working with and alongside the community the project intends to support.


Strategic Grants


The Foundation is increasing allocated funds towards our Strategic Grants Program. The Strategic Grants Program is intended for projects that directly address a wider community issue, is scalable, evidence based and addresses a long term issue within our target communities and project focus areas.


Applications for the Strategic Grants are by invitation only.

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