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Organisations we support

We provide support to a number of organisations and community projects across Australia. 

The Bennelong Foundation provides support to a number of organisations and community projects across Australia,  enabling them to deliver a broad range of initiatives to support the community in which we live. Some of the organisations we have supported are highlighted below. Our latest annual report gives a complete list of organisations we are currently supporting.  Read our latest report HERE

Talent Beyond Boundaries

War and conflict have forced millions of skilled people to find refuge in places where they are unable to work legally.  Meanwhile, companies in countries around the globe are experiencing critical skill shortages that hinder their competitiveness and development.   Talent Beyond Boundaries is the only organisation in the world connecting refugees to international job opportunities, opening labour mobility as a complementary solution to traditional refugee resettlement programs.

By linking skilled refugees with countries and companies that need their skills, Talent Beyond Boundaries works to connect this often excluded talent pool with employers around the world who are searching for skilled workers.  

The pathways that Talent Beyond Boundaries is establishing allow refugees to find stability, and a place for their skills to rebuild their lives, and employers to gain new talent, opening labour mobility as a complementary solution to traditional refugee resettlement while reducing the number of dependents on aid.

The Bennelong Foundation has made a five year strategic commitment to the Skilled Refugee Employment Pathways programme which leverages upon strong government, corporate and community partnerships to create lasting change.

Free to Feed 

The Bennelong Foundation has made a three year commitment to Free to Feed, a not-for-profit social enterprise which was founded with the purpose of assisting refugees and people seeking asylum to find meaningful employment opportunities using their existing skills and experiences, to facilitate community interactivity and reduce the sense of social isolation often faced by new arrivals. 

Free to Feed runs cooking classes, food demonstrations,  “pop up” food stalls, and provides private, event, and corporate catering. 

The Bennelong Foundation has supported Free to Feed for a number of years, including assisting them in testing and establishing the best pathways for scaling and expansion.  Specifically, the Bennelong Foundation’s grant will allow Free to Feed to expand their corporate catering programme and to upgrade their commercial kitchen facilities, to be able to undertake more participants in their programmes, and to be able to increase revenues from their commercial activities.

Free to Feed was named Melbourne’s premier cooking school by Timeout Magazine and was nominated for the Food for Good 2020 Award by the Good Food Guide. 

The Bennelong Foundation Scholarship and Internship program 

In collaboration with Bennelong Funds Management, RMIT in Melbourne and Macquarie University in Sydney, the Bennelong Foundation offers a one-year scholarship and internship opportunities to outstanding students experiencing disadvantage studying business, accounting or economics.     


The opportunity not only supports the students with their studies, but also provides our associated businesses with the opportunity to provide hands-on and practical opportunities for these students to receive meaningful work experience and to build their professional confidence and social capital.


In 2022, we are privileged to be working with two interns.

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