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TIPS & Sample Documents

Helpful hints and support for our most common FAQs.

Tips for applying for a Grant


  • Take the time to review the funding areas and criteria to ensure that your program or project aligns with our funding framework.

  • If you are applying for multi-year funding, please identify this in your application form.

  • You are welcome and encouraged to contact us to discuss your project. 

  • Consider how closely your project meets our funding criteria.

  • Programs with the main focus on disability, mental health, and healthcare (i.e. programs directly addressing illness and disease) are not current priority areas for the Bennelong Foundation.

  • Please note for the April 2023 grant round, in keeping with the Bennelong Foundation's community & grass roots tradition,  we will be seeking grants of up to $30,000. 


Sample documents


  • View a sample of our EOI form HERE

  • View a sample of our Full Application form HERE

  • Download our suggested budget template for Full Applications HERE

  • View a sample of the Bennelong Foundation UK grant application form HERE 


Technical tips for completing your online forms 


  • Our online forms are best supported using the Google Chrome web browser.

  • The email address used in the form will be the default email address used for correspondence regarding your application.

  • Please email for any technical issues.




More information for Grant Seekers


Funding Areas

Key Criteria

Application Process and how to Apply

Important Dates

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