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Bennelong Foundation UK

Welcome to the Bennelong Foundation UK.

Established in June 2020, Bennelong Foundation UK is a charitable incorporated association. 

As a sister to its Australian counterpart, Bennelong Foundation UK extends Bangarra Group’s philanthropic reach and our model of caring, creating real-world opportunities for our UK based subsidiaries to be able to provide philanthropic support across the communities we work in.


The Bennelong Foundation UK will partner with UK-based subsidiaries of Bangarra Group, BennBridge and Crown Golf's St Mellion Estate, a 400-acre resort just outside of Plymouth in Cornwall, which is also a cornerstone of Bennelong’s sustainability plan, to deliver programs that use the business’s assets to support local communities in London and Cornwall. 

Application Form 


Current Funding Guidelines 

The Bennelong Foundation UK is not currently accepting unsolicited grant applications.

Public benefit grants will be made to charities where the objectives are clear, which can demonstrate best practice and sustainability, whose operations are transparent and whose commitment to the public benefit is demonstrable. 

The trustees will seek to ensure that as a general principle grants are made to either UK registered charities in England or Wales, or organisations in Australia, who have the equivalent status as a charity registered by the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

The trustees will review the broad focus of the Foundation on an ongoing basis to ensure that the Foundation achieves its objectives for the public benefit. This is currently focused on institutions engaged in medical and ancillary services (including medical research), education, helping the disabled and old aged, reliving poverty and the arts.


View of St Mellion village and church, from St Mellion Estate, Cornwall

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