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A Taste of Harmony 2016

The Bangarra Group celebrated ‘A Taste of Harmony’ with an African themed event under the indoor whimsical canopy at Glamp Bar in the Melbourne CBD.

Kicking off with an African Drumming workshop, over 25 staff and guests of Bangarra Group and the Bennelong Foundation attended the event. Attendees had the opportunity to try a modern Eastern African lunch, a first for many.

The event was also shared by some very special guests. Eleven grade six students, participating in the Ardoch ‘Strings in Harmony’ programme at the Sacred Heart School, along with their music teachers were invited to join the event. After joining the staff for the drumming workshop and participating in the lunch, the students performed a concert with three pieces they had learnt during the programme, including one original piece.

It was incredibly moving to see the children perform, and a meaningful opportunity for the participating students to assist with building their confidence, performance skills and having new experiences.

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