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Guiding future change.

We fund initiatives that increase pathways to economic empowerment and social cohesion. Our focus is on projects that break down barriers to participation in education and employment, and in community sport.

Community Grants

One-year funding for community-led projects taking practical action to build pathways at grassroots levels. Awarded at an annual, open grant round. The next round opens on 10 July 2024.

Catalyst Grants

Multi-year partnerships for initiatives taking progressive action to grow or broaden pathways. Expressions of interest open periodically.

Learning for Life Grants

Flexible partnerships for initiatives seeking to transform teaching and learning pathways for better education and social outcomes. Expressions of interest open periodically.

UK Grants

Guiding future change.

We fund initiatives that increase pathways to social inclusion. Our focus in on projects opening pathways for new arrivals to the UK experiencing hardship, or families facing barriers to accessing food and education.

Social Inclusion Grants

One-year funding for community-led projects opening pathways to social inclusion.

The change we want
to see.


Better access to the education, training and skills needed to find a job, earn an income and become self-supporting.​


Easier to be part of community-level sport that fosters inclusion and connections, both social and cultural​.


Greater willingness among members of communities to cooperate with each other in order to prosper​


More opportunities to learn, work and connect with others, and to have a voice.

Bangarra Group employee philanthropy

Calling Bangarra Group employees.

Take the opportunity to double your impact through our donation matching program.

Join your colleagues on the Philanthropy and Engagement Committee.

Stories of impact

Learn how the Foundations' partners are leading positive change in their communities.

Confit Pathways

A journal developed by a former prisoner is empowering incarcerated youth to have a positive mindset towards education and employment.

Talent Beyond Boundaries

A new solution for refugees: based on skills, backed by business and enabled by technology.


A grassroots charity is breaking barriers to sports participation and disrupting cycles of disadvantage.

AYI Centres

African youth in Sydney are finding reasons to stay in school, thanks to a program that gives them cultural belonging.

Worthwhile Ventures

Worthwhile Ventures’ impact stems from listening deeply to the indigenous business owners it was created to support.

Grandcarers SA

A fund assisting ‘grandcarers’ is relieving financial burdens for multi-generational families and helping children stay engaged with school and their peers.
Resources Australia

Helpful resources for applicants

Learning for Life Grants information pack
Catalyst Grants information pack
Community Grants information pack
Sample expression of interest
Resources UK

Helpful resources for applicants

UK Grants Information Pack

Find out what and how we fund.


Find answers to common questions about the Foundations and their work.

How do I apply for a grant?

To apply for a grant, you can visit our Grants page and review the application process. Make sure to check the eligibility criteria and submit all required documents.

What does the Foundation fund?

Our ambition is to give every person the opportunity to shape their future and chase their goals.

In Australia and the UK, we aim to increase pathways to economic empowerment and social cohesion and inclusion.

You can find more information on each of our funding areas here.

Do you fund capacity-building initiatives for not-for-profits?


How can I apply for funding?

Australian not-for-profits can apply for a 12-month, Community Grant of up to $40,000 in our annual, open grant round.

Periodically, the Foundation also invites organisations to apply for multi-year Catalyst Grants or Learning for Life Grants, or to take part in our annual Pitch In events. Learn more in 'Funding & Investments'.

The Bennelong Foundation UK every year invites a small number of charities to apply for a 12-month Social Inclusion Grant, or take part in our UK Pitch In event. Learn more here.  

What is the application process?

The application process involves submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) via our website. Successful EOIs will be invited to submit a full application form. More details can be found on our Grants page.

Still have questions?

Contact our management team for further assistance.