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Catch up with our inaugural Bennelong intern Claire Zheng

During the UK summer, Jeff & Carena caught up with Claire Zheng at the BennBridge offices in London.  Claire or Zhao as she is also called had some very exciting news.

Claire was the first recipient of the Bennelong Foundation Scholarship & Internship offered through the University of Melbourne. She won a place to study at Cambridge University in the UK which in itself was a great achievement.  She has successfully completed her studies at Cambridge and along with two of her fellow students recently won the King's College Entrepreneurship Prize! She has set up a company called RoboK .

The RoboK team are currently filing the patents for their invention, which is a novel system intended to be the next generation of robot control. The team’s project addresses limitations in the safety and efficiency of existing robot control methods by implementing a unique and low-cost solution. The team believes that revolutionising how robots are controlled in the future will unlock many more commercial and functional possibilities.

Read more about  RoboK and the King's College Entrepreneurship Prize HERE

Claire emailed to say – “ In this project, I am mainly involved with business models, strategies and finances and my past experiences at Bennelong have been extremely valuable. I was able to relate to lots of things I have learned in private equity and accounting for our project.  So again, huge thanks for the past few years at Bennelong!  There is still a long way to go and lots to learn for me, but I do hope to share with you this (small) good news and let you know that I am really thankful for the opportunities I had at Bennelong! “

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