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Currently Funding: 3Bridges Community

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Bennelong Foundation is currently funding Aunty Program by 3Bridges Community. 3Bridges is an organisation that serves as a focal point for the provision of services targeting the most disadvantaged people in the community and to assist and support families and individuals in our community to manage the challenges in their lives. This is done through intensive case management, crisis intervention, counselling, childcare and a broad range of ongoing support services. 3Bridges Aboriginal Services provides programs designed by Aboriginal people, for Aboriginal people and delivered by Aboriginal people.

This project delivers mentor support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women from vulnerable and complex backgrounds to empower themselves to rediscover their strengths and to empower them to become role models for other girls that experience the traumatic backgrounds like they are from. It is facilitated by successful older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who will provide the mentoring. It will give them the cultural and wider tools that are needed to ensure that their future is positive.

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