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Currently Funding: Sustain: The Australian Food Network

March 16, 2022
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Urban Farm Food Justice and Training Network is a project curently supported by Bennelong Foundation. It's purpose is to support the creation of a multi- stakeholder urban farm network creating training and education opportunities as well as employment pathways for those experiencing disadvantage. This Network will share learnings, build models for best practice, synthesize training materials, and address barriers to entry.

Sustain: The Australian Food Network was established for the public charitable purpose of promoting health and wellbeing through a broader food-systems approach;

• Supporting LGAs to adopt and implement policies to protect, improve and promote the public health of their communities;• Building the capacity of food system stakeholders to adopt and implement diverse changes to protect and enhance the health of all Australians;• Establishing and co-ordinate the Australian Food Network;• Facilitating the development of communities of food-system practice;• Supporting and publish community-engaged food systems research; and• Providing food systems advice, consultancy and training services for the promotion and development of healthy and sustainable food systems.