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Currently Funding: The Beautiful Bunch

Bennelong Foundation, through its Pitch In event is currently supporting Many Hands by The Beautiful Bunch. Many Hands is a training program which supports young women from refugee backgrounds to build the skills, self-confidence, and social networks they need to secure a job in Australia. The program focuses on enabling our trainees to achieve financial independence and meaningful employment.

The Beautiful Bunch’s purpose is to provide young women from refugee backgrounds with the skills, self-confidence, and support networks they need to find meaningful employment. They are the only not-for-profit in Victoria working specifically with young women from refugee backgrounds. Their trainees face some of the highest rates of unemployment in Australia as a result of their age, gender, class, migration journey, and experiences of prejudice, which present significant barriers to securing meaningful work.

They employ, train and support the trainees by providing safe and culturally-informed employment with a female-led floristry business, leading to increased confidence, sense of belonging and drive, and improved employment potential.

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