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Currently Funding: Tomorrow Today Education Foundation

July 2, 2021
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Currently Funding: Tomorrow Today Education Foundation

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Tomorrow Today Education Foundation’s primary purpose is to reduce the level of disadvantage in Benalla and district. Benalla ranks in the top 5% of most disadvantaged postcodes in Victoria. Low socio-economic status is a major contributor to poor educational outcomes including below average school completion rates. We are working to improve the educational outcomes of Benalla’s young people via a whole-of-community approach spanning family, school and community life. This will mitigate the effects of disadvantage to give every Benalla child the chance to prosper in life irrespective of their circumstances. Ultimately Benalla’s socio-economic status will improve as a result.

Bennelong Foundation is funding the Parents Early Education Partnership (PEEP) which values parents as their child’s first and most important educator.Weekly facilitated sessions empower parents in their children’s early learning, helping young ones develop a good foundation for literacy, and improving their school readiness. Families are linked to community, developmental and social activities, and to referral agencies where needed.