Currently Funding: Wildcare Inc

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Bennelong Foundation is proud to fund Get Outside program for the third year. The Get Outside is Branch of Wildcare Tasmania - community groups delivering conservation, wildlife care and heritage preservation works within Tasmania’s natural estate.

Get Outside diversifies participation and forges connection to Tasmanian parks and reserves. They facilitate nature-based experiences for refugees and new migrants in Tasmania, connecting to place and to each other, collaborating with Parks rangers and mental health practitioners to take over 1,000 migrants on nature-based experiences, and training over 50 young people as leaders.

The Get Outside Branch had its first outing since the Coronavirus stopped the excursions in March 2020. The participants on this walk are all studying English at English Languages South at Tas TAFE.

They wrote the following recount:

“On a foggy day in June, 25 people went outside – for the first time in a long time. We couldn’t walk together in one group due to Corona restrictions but that was ok for us – we split into two groups. All the people felt very happy when we began to walk. We saw lots of other people jogging and riding bikes on the track. The children were running around us because they were so excited. It was very good to be in nature after such a long time inside. We chatted with each other. This felt good, as we had not seen real people for a long time. We shared a delicious lunch and laughed and talked a lot. We can’t wait to go outside again."

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