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Guide for students from a Refugee Background on how to access & succeed in higher education launch

During his time interning with the Foundation, Omar Al Kassab identified the challenges faced by young people arriving in Australia with a humanitarian background in accessing higher education if they had completed high school or university in their home country. As a result an intern led grant was established to address the issue. After researching the issue and considering solutions, Deakin CREATE were engaged in 2019 to develop a guide for potential and current students with a Refugee or Asylum-Seeking Background in navigating access and succeeding with higher education. The guide will be available in hard copy and will be regularly updated online. The guide was successfully launched at an event at Deakin University’s CBD campus in Melbourne in March. Attending the event were members of the community representing universities and settlement support services. The guide has been incredibly well received and considered to be a highly valuable resource for the target communities. Deakin CREATE have also created a sister publication aimed at universities as a guide on how to support this cohort with entry and whilst studying at the university. I have been very impressed with Deakin CREATE in delivering this project.

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