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Pitch In Sydney 2021

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

On 20th of May 2021, Bennelong Foundation held our first live Pitch In event in 18 months at Pier 1 in Sydney. Thank you to all the staff, clients, friends, and family who were able to come along and participate in the work of the Bennelong Foundation.

We were joined by three inspiring not-for-profits who shared projects seeking support for a share in a $50,000 grant, as voted by the event guests amongst the Bennelong Foundation staff, family and friends.

Triple Care Farm is a youth drug and alcohol residential facility helping 16–24-year-olds to overcome addiction and lead healthy lives. At the completion of their rehab, each young person is offered up to six months of Aftercare support as they ‘step out’ into the community. This is a critical part of the program, during a time when the young person is at their most vulnerable and the risk of relapse is high, they begin to implement the essential living skills they learnt at the farm to continue to keep them well.

New Skills community development programs - provide workshops for people experiencing homelessness, marginalization and disadvantage that enable them to develop new skills for social inclusion, build self-esteem and act as a pathway to employment opportunities.

The Public Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing life changing scholarships to young people in public education, as well as their teachers and principals. The Foundation exists to support students with particular educational needs or talents – students who without extra help will struggle to reach their full potential. We focus on removing the barriers to achievement created by social and economic disadvantage, and on acknowledging and rewarding excellence.

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