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Sharing the spirit of philanthropy - Pitch In Sydney 2023

Last night we hosted our annual Pitch In event in Sydney. Pitch In is an event where we invite 3 not for profit organistions to pitch for a share in a $50,000 grant. It is a crowd favourite on the Bennelong Foundation's community calendar as we always feel inspired and grateful for the work and service these organisations do to support their communities.

Glebe Youth Services received a grant of $17,424.

Their purpose is for all young people in Glebe reach their full potential. At GYS they believe that young people, at their full potential, are central to a thriving Glebe community. Young people make up a significant portion of their community. They contribute to Glebe today and they are the future of Glebe.

More information please visit:

House of Welcome received a grant of $16,667

The House of Welcome exists to welcome, shelter and empower people seeking asylum and

refugees regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, nationality or religion. They provide client centred

holistic supports that nurture hope, advocate for justice and promote self-reliance, whilst

acknowledging the dignity and the rights of each individual. House of Welcome offer case work,

housing support and other settlement services.

House of Welcome Catering is a social enterprise that provides refugees and people seeking

asylum with opportunities that enable their self-determination, independence and participation in

the community. Using an evidence-based model proven to achieve social impact, our employment opportunities equip participating client cooks with the skills, confidence and qualifications to

secure their future employment in the workforce and successful settlement in Australian society.

More information please visit:

The Reconnect Project received a grant of $15,909

The Reconnect Project has a straightforward mission: to give pre-owned mobile devices a new life

by providing them to people in need. There are an estimated 23 million mobile phones sitting

unused in drawers and garages all over Australia, plus tablets and laptops that have broken or

been put aside in favour of a newer model. With a simple repair, secure erasure of data and an

overall clean, these devices are ready for (re)connecting people to family, friends and essential

services, and help close the digital divide in Australia. A clean, untracked mobile phone is essential

for a woman fleeing family violence. A person in transitional housing needs a way to be contacted

by support services. For a refugee in detention, a mobile phone provides connection to the world.

A young person without access to a computer can use a tablet or a laptop for completing studies

or applying for work.

More information please visit:

We encourage all of the Bennelong Foundation community and those reading here to reach out to these organisations to further support the incredible work that they do.

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