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Equipping women with the resources they need to succeed in the workforce is breaking cycle of disadvantage for women who face multiple employment barriers.

Grant Type
Economic Empowerment

Dress for Success Perth focuses on empowering vulnerable women in Western Australia by providing them with the necessary tools and support to secure meaningful employment and achieve financial independence.

By offering professional clothing assistance, styling, career workshops, and one-on-one support for job applications, resumes, and interview preparation in a woman-centred space, the organisation boosts the confidence and job readiness of women in need. It assists these women to overcome barriers to employment and level the playing field with other applicants.

“We are part of a global movement of change, empowering women to obtain economic independence,” says CEO Natalie Sangalli.

“We equip women with the resources to succeed in the workforce and break the cycle of disadvantage.

“Each woman is given a minimum of two complete outfits, comprised of high quality and professional clothing, and those that secure work receive an additional week’s worth of clothing to wear to their new job.

A $30,000 grant from the Bennelong Foundation in 2022 helped 120 women from across Western Australia access the services of Dress for Success. More than 70% of these women said their confidence about progressing their career and life goals increased, and they felt job ready.

One of these women is Nancy, who received styling and clothing, multiple one-to-one support sessions and accessed Dress for Success workshops in 2023.

"I've been working since July as a home support program coordinator, providing by clients with skills I learnt when I cared for my mum, and I’m really enjoying it - it's a fast-paced role and I'm learning lots,” Nancy says.

Similarly, Rafela says Dress for Success Perth was a “truly a game-changer”.

“As a migrant woman, when I first arrived in Australia about eight years ago, I faced several challenges in finding jobs other than in hospitality. I remember sending out numerous resumes without receiving any interview callbacks, which really took a toll on my self-esteem back then.

“Even now, after seven years, I still find the job-hunting experience daunting. Dress for Success patiently addressed all my questions regarding interview skills, resumes and whether I was targeting the right positions. The practical tips they shared have significantly boosted my confidence.  

I left Dress for Success feeling not only confident in my skills but also deeply supported.”

Impactful results

The Benefit

Dress for Success Parth has enabled women to participate in employment opportunities.


Better access to the skills women need to find a job, earn an income and become self-supporting.


Better access to future career opportunities.

I left Dress for Success feeling not only confident in my skills but also deeply supported.” Rafela, who was supported by Dress for Success Perth.


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