Worthwhile Ventures’ impact stems from listening deeply to the indigenous business owners it was created to support.

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Economic Empowerment

Worthwhile Ventures has adopted an approach to assisting Aboriginal entrepreneurs that is compatible with the Aboriginal approach to life. It starts by sitting and listening deeply to Aboriginal business-builders about their journey, their vision and their pain points as operators.

The result of this method is deep trust and between Worthwhile Ventures – a not-for-profit focused on building a strong and vibrant First Nations business sector – and the entrepreneurs and business owners it supports.

“I have been in the First Nations business sector for a long time and have seen many different programs with varying amounts of success,” says Colin Gordon, Worthwhile Ventures CEO.

“Our approach is flexible and individually tailored, and because its owner-driven it increases the chance of success.

“Only when First Nations people can truly take their part in the economy and become more financially successful can true self determination be achieved.”

Worthwhile Ventures’ program comprises free business advice, mentoring, tailored financial support and customised education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. Business owners set the pace and are in control of what support is received, when and from whom. Each business receives tailored advice unique to their circumstance.

The Bennelong Foundation funded Worthwhile Ventures in 2023, increasing the number of business the organisation can support from 6 to 46. One of the businesses is expected to hit $1 million annual revenue for the first time in 2024.

Levi-Joel Tamou, founder of Indigenous Futures Foundation, says Worthwhile Ventures has provided his social enterprise with a significant level of business support and mentoring, including ongoing accounting, legal, tech and capital raising and practical assistance.

“Unlike other organisations, Worthwhile Ventures understands the challenges that First Nation social enterprises face and caters its solutions to be flexible and customised…the team is actually a joy to work with,” Levi-Joel says.

Impactful results

Making positive change

Worthwhile Ventures has empowered First Nations people to participate in employment opportunities.


Better access to the capital and training First Nations people need to earn an income and become self-supporting.


Better access for First Nations people to future career opportunities.

Only when First Nations people can truly take their part in the economy and become more financially successful can true self determination be achieved.

Colin Gordon

CEO, Worthwhile Ventures

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