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The Bennelong Foundation
- creating a healthier, more productive
and inclusive community

Whilst the Bennelong Foundation has a number of areas of interest, generally, it strives to support causes, organisations, and projects that possess certain principles and/or criteria. Grant Seekers, before you start, we recommend conducting a self-check by carefully considering if your project aligns with our primary focus areas and meets our funding criteria. Organisations interested in applying for a grant can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by completing the online form via this link . 


Program funding areas:

1. Education Training and Employment


Programs providing access, equity and inclusion opportunities to Education and Training or that support and build Pathways to meaningful Employment

  • Build numeracy and literacy skills for pre-school, primary school and secondary school students

  • Build numeracy and literacy skills for adolescents and adults

  • Building STEM capabilities for pre-school, primary school and secondary school students

  • Supporting student wellbeing and fostering school engagement

  • Scholarship, Internship or Bursary Program

  • Building interpersonal, employability and life skills for adolescents and adults (personal grooming, interview skills, and other workplace skills)

  • Mentoring and Coaching

  • Access to vocational training opportunities for adolescents and adults

  • Building learning skills through art or music programs

  • Programs providing access to entrepreneurial and business foundations   

2. Community Health 


To assist organisations that conduct programs with the express purpose of improving the physical health and nutrition of the Australian community.

  • Programs promoting participation in physical activity and sport

  • Programs promoting improved nutritional intake

3. Cultural Inclusion

Programs providing and creating opportunities that foster greater cultural cohesion and inclusion, celebrate cultural diversity and that strengthen community identity.

  • Programs promoting cultural inclusion and cohesion

  • Settlement and transition support for new Australians

  • Programs promoting cultural identity

Exclusions: programs with the main focus on disability, mental health, and healthcare (i.e. programs directly addressing illness and disease) are not current priority areas for the Bennelong Foundation. Organisations with annual revenue over $5M are also excluded.

Target Communities:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

  • People with a refugee background, newly arrived migrants and culturally and linguistically diverse communities

  • Communities/groups experiencing socio-economic disadvantage ​​




Types of Grants


In keeping with the Bennelong Foundation's community & grass roots funding approach, we are seeking grants of up to $30,000 for maintain and grow grants. 

1. Maintain grant  


Supporting established and high impact programs continue to deliver.


2. Grow grant  


Supporting the growth or sustainability of an organisation, program or project. This may include requests to expand current programs, initiate new programs or programs that assist with growing need for the services your organisation provides.

3. Innovate grant 

Large multi-year grants for new projects – by invitation only.

Innovate grants are currently closed.



More information for Grant Seekers


Key Criteria

Application Process and how to Apply

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