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Annual report 2018

Chairman's report

Chair's Report 


I sit down to write this note with a smile on my face and a great sense of achievement and pride. The Bennelong Foundation recently celebrated a very significant milestone — 20 years since it was established by my husband Jeff Chapman and I!


I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible over the 20 years, sharing knowledge and expertise, partnering with us and working with us, and most importantly teaching us that there is always another point of view. Our core values and areas of focus remain the same but we are constantly evolving and improving how we do things… Education, Training & Employment has always been a key focus area so the Board decided to mark this special moment with 20 scholarships.


We compiled a snapshot of the projects funded since inception and I was most struck by the SMILES! SMILES of pride and achievement. SMILES of self-worth and self-fulfilment. SMILES of happiness! We have shared some of these images in this report and I am sure you will be as wowed by them as I was!


Looking back over the last 20 years there is a very clear pattern to the work of the Bennelong Foundation. Our mantra has always been CHANGE — not CHARITY. We remain committed to that goal.


On the Australian front, we are planning ahead for the next 20 years and beyond! I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank Alice Wong for her unwavering diligence and hard work during the five years that she served as Special Adviser to the Board of the Bennelong Foundation Australia before retiring earlier this year. Anyone who has worked with Alice will know that she will continue to be a valuable ally and friend and we look forward to her continued participation in the work of the Foundation.

There is no doubt that the Bennelong Foundation’s next 20 years will be significantly different to the first. We shall keep our commitment to and involvement in small, grassroots projects because… well, that’s what we do!


"We want to be a positive force in the world and we can use the size of our company, to do good and influence others" DOUG MCMILLON, CEO WALMART

But our desire to be at the leading edge of work that has a global effect and impact will force us into new and exciting fields. We are also keen to use our other attributes – voice, size, influence etc – to work in close collaboration with our fellow foundations and family offices to do good. In the UK, we continue to grow, and it gives me great pleasure to welcome Maurice Wren as Trustee to the Bennelong Foundation UK. Maurice’s experience as CEO of the British Refugee Council as well as in the areas of homelessness and statelessness, is very much aligned with the work of the Bennelong Foundation in providing opportunities and a fair go for all.


Great progress is measured in small increments. The year 2021/22 has been a good year. 2022/23 will be even better!


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