Annual report 2018

Chairman's report

The past year has been a great challenge but also a great opportunity.
We have been forced to pause, listen and learn.

And what a good time to do this! As the Bennelong Foundation grows and expands for both the Australian and the
UK Foundations, the focus will be on sustainability and community.

While we were challenging ourselves about traditional philanthropic endeavours we discovered a whole
new approach to it: seeking not only knowledge and deeper understanding but a desire to partner and work with
communities rather than just making grants. Like the pandemic that turned our lives upside down, this education
journey has completely changed how we do things.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community has been a focus of Bennelong Foundation Australia
from the very beginning. Aligning this with our focus on education and better understanding, we have committed
to partnering with Australia’s First Nations Peoples with an emphasis on community-led change.

Another key target community is people of a refugee and migrant background, which is also an area where we
have committed to a collaborative partnership model, and to embedding awareness and understanding at every
level of the Bennelong Foundation and the wider Bennelong Family.

The Bennelong Foundation achieved a great deal during the year. Particularly significant was the appointment
of Sandra Jacobs as an Executive Director of the Board of the Bennelong Foundation Australia, and of Greg
Thomas to the Board of Trustees of the Bennelong Foundation UK.

Another very exciting milestone was the first grant round of the Bennelong Foundation UK. Grants were made to
five community-based projects, and there was a special focus on youth and crisis support, both areas of great need
during the pandemic. 

We hope you enjoy reading about some of our work. Thank you to CEO Sandra Jacobs, Directors and Advisers and all
members of the wider Bennelong family who have enthusiastically participated in the activities of the Foundations both
in Australia and the UK.

We continue to learn and plan for 2022 which is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Bennelong
Foundation. We have a very busy year ahead. More about that in our next report.


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